Titusville Woman To Prison For Sex With Boy

Shauna Marie Reyman, 28, will serve five years on probation for sexual activity with an eleven year-old boy.
Shauna Marie Reyman, 28, will serve ten years in prison for sexual activity with an eleven year-old boy.



A Titusville woman will serve ten years in prison for sexual assaults committed on a young boy, last year.  Shauna Marie Reyman, 28, has been in custody at the Brevard County Jail since her arrest in May 2015.

Reyman was arrested by Titusville Police after admitting to having sexual contact with the boy on two occasions in March 2015.  The victim and his father were living in the same residence as Reyman, but she was not in custodial authority over the child. According to the timeline in her arrest report, the child was age eleven when Reyman performed oral sex on him.  She told police she had unprotected intercourse with the boy several weeks after the first incident.

She was charged with two counts of Lewd and Lascivious Battery on a Child under 16 – charges that could carry up to fifteen years in prison for each offense.  Prosecutors agreed to drop one count in exchange for her “Guilty” plea to a single charge. Reyman was given credit for 241 days she served in jail.

She told police she “knew it was wrong” when she had contact with the boy.  Reyman will be evaluated for civil commitment under the Jimmy Ryce Act, and will be registered as a Sex Offender for life. At the time of her arrest she told investigators she was pregnant.

The sentence was handed down by Judge Robin Lemonitis at the Titusville Historic Courthouse, January 13th.

View Shauna Reyman’s Arrest Report:  Click Here > Reymanarrest


Two Time Loser Goes Down For Five

Andrew Scott Thrall was sentenced to prison December 21  for molesting two Palm Bay girls.
Andrew Scott Thrall was sentenced to prison December 21 for molesting two Palm Bay girls.



Registered Sex Offender Has Two More Victims – Convinces Mom He’s Safe Around Kids

A man registered as a Sex Offender since 1993, has been sentenced to prison for abusing two more children in Palm Bay.  Andrew Scott Thrall, 45, was ordered to serve five years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of Attempted Lewd or Lascivious Molestation.

The plea deal offered by prosecutors allowed Thrall to avoid going to trial on the initial charges which could have resulted in four, life sentences.  The sentence was handed down by Judge James Earp,  December 21, in Viera.

Thrall has been listed on the State Sex Offender Registry  since its inception in 1995.  He served twelve years in prison for an assault on a fourteen year-old in Cape Canaveral in 1992.  Police said Thrall broke into the girl’s bedroom through the window, and raped her in her own bed.

He was arrested again in July 2014 on charges that he committed multiple offenses on two Palm Bay girls, ages eight and ten.  Thrall had been keeping company with the mother of one of the children who told police she was aware Thrall was a registered offender. Thrall told her his victim was an adult,  and therefore he presented no risk to children.

Andrew Thrall has been featured in the Guardian-Brevard notification newspaper twice.

Most of the offenses were committed in the swimming pool of a apartment complex on Malabar Road.  The children told investigators Thrall touched their genitals and buttocks.

He will serve ten years on probation after his release from prison.

View Andrew Thrall’s investigative report.  Click Here>  THRALL

Residents: “Predator Too Close To Park And Bus Stop”

Residents of Sunset Ridge in Merritt Island are outraged to learn that a convicted child molester has been allowed to live within 200 feet of a park frequented by local kids.
Residents of Sunset Ridge Estates in Merritt Island are outraged to learn that a convicted child molester has been allowed to live within 300 feet of a park frequented by local kids.



Richard Vassallo got a sweet deal in August 2014.  Charged with sex offenses that could have put him behind bars for four lifetimes, his lawyers negotiated a plea agreement that called for serving no time at all in prison.

Now, residents of the upscale neighborhood where Vassallo plans to live,  say his home is too close to a park and a bus stop.

“This has put our kids in lockdown.” says Karen Atkins, President of the Sunset Ridge Estates Homeowners Association, “We have no way of getting in or out without passing his house.”

Vassallo’s house at 1101 Duskview Drive sits just beyond the well-manicured divider at the main entrance to the subdivision in South Merritt Island.  A bus stop for students attending three local schools is located at the entrance, on the corner of Duskview and South Tropical Trail.  A wide cross walk reaches across the two-lane roadway to a small, riverside park. According to some of Vassallo’s would-be neighbors, all of this is too close to a Sexual Predator’s front door.

The seventy-seven, year-old purchased the house in October, paying the $378,000 dollar price tag in cash. He lived there for one week before he was ordered to move.  Residents had complained that Vassallo was cruising the bus stop in his car at times when children were there. Prosecutors claimed that he was violating the terms of his community control which prohibits Vassallo from being in close proximity to children.  The matter ended up in Judge James Earp’s court where Vassallo was arraigned today.

Duskview Park is privately owned by the Homeowners Association.  Residents say it is used for church outings, cook-outs and other family oriented activities.

Tiny Duskview Park is privately owned by the Homeowners Association. Residents say it is used for church outings, cook-outs and other family oriented activities.

Local homeowners used the occasion to voice their opposition to Vassallo’s presence and submit affidavits to the court.  They contend that Vassallo is too close to the riverside recreation spot to be compliant with the law. Community Control officials say the area does not qualify as a “park” so the prohibition against offenders living within 1,000 feet, does not apply.  State law prohibits predators from being near any location where children congregate.

“Our son often rides his bike or skateboard down to go fishing at the pier…”  writes one couple in their affidavit, “When he has sleep-overs with his friends they spend hours fishing at the pier or hanging out. Our daughter loves to watch the dolphin play or practice her gymnastics.  Sometimes we accompany them and sometimes we do not.  We have always considered where we live to be a safe place for children to play.”

Nineteen affidavits were submitted by local parents, many of them illustrated with photos of toddlers pedaling plastic tricycles on the walkway, or teenagers chasing Frisbees on the grassy strip by the river.

Richard Vassallo currently resides at the marine services company he operates in Cocoa. His relocation to Merritt Island will be determined January 5th.

Richard Vassallo currently resides at the marine services company he operates in Cocoa. His planned relocation to Merritt Island will be determined January 5th.

Judge Earp allowed the State to amend the violation charges against Vassallo to include the claim of illegal proximity to the park.  Sunset Ridge residents are gearing up to do battle at the next hearing set for January 5th.

“It seems like he has all the rights and we have none!” complained H.O.A. President Atkins, “I don’t want to see this happen in any other community.”

She spoke with the Guardian via telephone today.

Richard Ceasar Vassallo could not anticipate any of this when he sexually assaulted a ten year-old Rockledge girl back in 2007. When his lawyers told him he would not go to prison if he agreed to a lifetime under supervision he was, no doubt, relieved. But now he faces living that lifetime, whatever time is left to him, in the presence of vigilant parents who refuse to compromise the safety of their kids.


Richard Vassallo’s Arrest Report:vassallo


UPDATE: WFTV coverage of Predator Near Park

Sex offender should not be allowed to live near private park, residents say






“Low Risk” Molester To Serve Fifteen Years

Jehoshaphat Mitchell will serve fifteen years behind bars and fifteen more on probation for assaulting two teen girls in July 2014

Jehoshaphat Mitchell will serve fifteen years behind bars and fifteen more on probation for assaulting two teen girls in July 2014



A local sex offender known for sexually touching young girls in local stores, will spend the next fifteen years behind bars.

Jehoshaphat “Joe” Mitchell, 47, was sentenced to serve thirty years in custody of the Florida Department of Corrections for assaulting two girls in a Palm Bay Walmart in July 2014.

After the term of incarceration Mitchell will spend fifteen years on probation while wearing an electronic ankle monitor.

Judge Charles Roberts designated Mitchell a “Sexual Predator” and ordered him to be evaluated as a candidate for civil commitment prior to his release from prison.

It will be the second time in his life he has faced civil confinement under Florida’s “Jimmy Ryce Act”.  The law places chronic sex offenders in a lock-down facility until qualified psychiatrists certify that they no longer present a threat to the community. Critics of the law say the procedure is a pretext for confining sex offenders indefinitely, after their prison sentence has been served.

In 1999 Assistant State Attorney Norm Wolfinger petitioned the court to commit Mitchell under the new law.  Mitchell was held for nearly three years at the facility located in Arcadia, on the edge of Florida’s Everglades, but was released after a team of psychiatric specialists declared him to be “Low Risk” for reoffending.

Mitchell had carried out a cluster of three sex assaults within a four-month period: In February 1994, he was arrested for touching the privates of a thirteen year-old girl as she shopped with her father in a Merritt Island supermarket. Two months later he was arrested for touching a nine year-old girl at a Walmart store in Melbourne. Three weeks after that, Mitchell was accused of breaking into an apartment in Palm Bay and assaulting an eleven year-old girl as she lay in her bed.

Although Mitchell’s record shows he committed no sex offenses for nearly twenty years until he was arrested in 2014,  the record also shows he was incarcerated throughout most of that period.  The prosecutor told Judge Roberts that Mitchell was only out of prison for one year before he committed another sex crime.

In October, a jury found Mitchell guilty of three offenses perpetrated on two victims in the Walmart on Malabar Road.  He sexually touched a twelve year-old girl who promptly moved away from Mitchell and walked to a different department of the store. She told police Mitchell followed her there and touched her again.  Prosecutors said he walked to yet another location in the store and assaulted a second child – a fifteen year-old girl.

The jury viewed surveillance videos compiled by Walmart security personnel.  Though the videos did not capture the actual assaults, they clearly depicted Mitchell moving about the store at the times the victims reported being groped. The victims were able to identify Mitchell by viewing his mug shot posted on the State’s Sex Offender Registry.

At his sentencing, Mitchell addressed the court wearing shackles and standing at the podium beside his attorney.  He maintained his innocence and said he planned to appeal his conviction. Judge Roberts noted that his record showed five prior felonies, three of which involve lewd acts on children. Mitchell will be age 62 when he is eligible for release.

Volunteers with Protect Our Children’s Court Monitor Program were on hand for the hearing in Viera.

View Wolfinger/Mitchell 1999 civil commitment petition – click below: